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Lone Star is a boutique film and television production company based in Cairns, bringing the stories of the Torres Strait Islands and Cape communities to a wider audience. Through these stories and interactions with communities we aim to empower the people of the Torres Strait and Far North Queensland through telling our stories, providing role models, training and career paths in film, television and the allied arts.

Our aim is to train and empower the film and television industry based in and around the region of Far North Queensland. Our creative developments planned for the next 3 years will significantly enhance the development of Far North Queensland’s film, television, theatre and the emerging technical and creative artists through:

  • The presentation of exciting, innovative, contemporary Australian theatre with a primarily Indigenous cast;
  • The commissioning of Australian playwrights and initiation of creative development projects that result in new Australian film, television and theatrical works; 
  • The development of a Film and Television Artistic Hub in Cairns, to support the development of independent performing artists, creatives, technical expertise and allied and associated arts. 

Lone Star has a vision that reaches far into the future; the vision is bold, aspirational and achievable.  The years 2020 onwards will see Lone Star emerge on the Australian performing arts scene as a national leader in the development of high quality contemporary Australian stories for film, television and theatre and a leader in creating career pathways for the Far North Queensland film and television industry.