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Media is a powerful industry, and it can be used to change hearts and minds. 

Through stories, real or imagined, Lone Star gives audiences the opportunity to encounter perspectives they may not have considered before.

Screen Content

Strait to the Plate (Series 1 & 2)
5 x 30min food documentary series. A culinary odyssey through six Torres Strait Islander communities unearthing the food, culture, language and way of life. SBS/NITV Network.

Blue Water Empire
3 x 1hr history documentary series, giving a unique insight into the history of the Torres Strait Islands. ABC Network. 

Dinghy Girls
4 x 5min online series ABC iView. Torres Strait women in their element, daring to challenge the wild frontier of their sea country. They are young, vivacious and yearn for adventure out on the vast seascape of the Torres Strait.

Yatha Pathay
4 x 5min online series ABC iView. 15 year-old Dmitri Ahwang is from the tribe of Wagadagam of Mabuyag Island in the Torres Straits. Follow his journey as he goes through cultural initiation.

Deserve Desire
11.30min Short Film. Follows a young woman's journey as she navigates her troubled life while pursuing her ambition to be a musician.

Every King Tide
10min VR online documentary for SBS Network. A unique virtual reality project.

Elements - Gubau Gizul of Saibai
4 x 30mins series SBS/NITV Network. An insight into the totemic kinship connection that each clan of Saibai has with a specific directional wind, and the integral role the winds play in the everyday life and culture of Torres Strait Islanders.

Corporate Productions

Lone Star works with organisations to produce programs for training, marketing or other purposes. We also work with clients to develop their digital and media strategies.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

For example, Lone Star is working with the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair to produce high quality digital media packages for Cape York and Torres Strait Islander artists and cultural practitioners. 

We showcase their unique arts, culture, dance, language and way of life for domestic and international arts consumers and audiences. The media packages:

  • Provide important context, showing practitioners living in community and on country as they practice their unique way of life.
  • Deliver an opportunity for audiences and art consumers to better understand the environment and communities that inspire our artists and cultural practitioners.
  • Explore how artists and cultural practitioners have remained inspired and motivated throughout the global pandemic; what support they have received during this period; and their insights and aspirations for the future. 

As a snapshot and an insight into community responses to these uncertain and unprecedented times, the media packages also provide a unique and important contribution to the historical record. 


Lone Star is continually developing new and exciting film industry career programs for schools, organisations and individuals. 

Our programs have a range of outcomes from script writing, filming and acting to workshops on how to access the industry and get started. 

Education programs that we deliver include:

  • Short film development
  • Acting 101 – the fundamentals
  • Actors’ studio course

Contact us to discuss your needs – we can tailor a program to suit your requirements.

Lone Star has also delivered capacity-building programs for long-term unemployed people in remote communities. Our participants have to date written, filmed and produced over 30 films. 

These hands-on programs help participants to learn and understand the fundamentals, and then participants work with the Lone Star team to write a script, act and/or produce a film.

In one community, the Elders told Lone Star that we were wasting our time with a particular group of young women. They were a tough cohort, long-term unemployed, and their literacy and numeracy issues were probably the least of their problems. At the end of the program, when the Elders watched those girls’ films, they were that proud. Those films were the best things the Elders had ever known those girls to do. The Elders also noticed positive developments in those girls – and it was only a three-month program – in their body language, their willingness to engage. It wasn’t the last time we got that sort of feedback, and the work is as rewarding for us as it is for the participants.