Lone Star projects are delivered by some of the best people in the industry. 

At Lone Star, it’s all about collaboration and ongoing relationships. We work work with people at the top of their game, to deliver outstanding results.

Our talent pool includes (but is certainly not limited to):

Peter Andrikidis: Director, Producer, Cinematographer

Jimi Bani: Actor, Producer

Nick Beaney: Cinematographer

Kristen Dunphy: Writer, Producer, Script Editor

Justin McDonald: Editor

Nick McInerney: Director, Producer, Cinematographer

Matt Nable: Actor, Screenwriter, Director

Leah Purcell: Actor, Director, Playwright, Screenwriter 

Samantha Timms: Director, Producer

David Tranter: Sound Recordist

Paul Walter: Production Manager, Director, Producer

Rachel Ward: Actor, Director, Screenwriter

Portrait photo of actress Rachel Ward
Portrait photo of actress Kristen Dunphy
Portrait photo of actor Peter Andrikidis
Portrait photo of actor David Tranter